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Ha Giang Travel Experiences

Ha Giang Travel Experiences


Núi đôi Quản Bạ

Ha Giang Go when? | Phượt Ha Giang | Cheap motels in Ha Giang

Ha Giang Tourism brings many exciting experiences. Ha Giang beautiful not only by the majestic scenery, the roads winding endless, but it was beautiful by Beauty of Flowers and Love People. Flowers bloom all year round with the wonderful colors such as yellow gold of United Restoration, the Purple Heart Triangle Circuits, US white plum, and a special flower that is more "Flower Rock", a name I put when too much admire the blue gray, dark gray of the rocks on Dong Van Plateau. If you are a Dong Van market times, you will feel the Love The precious, the boys invite other alcohol to intoxication does not know the way back, their faces every goose but honest, and emotional . Only those who understand each other, each new quarter cup of corn exhausted. It has too many emotions to share with you about my trip. Anyway let's shelve and beautiful write detailed in a future article. First of all I would like to share some experiences of my tour of Ha Giang.
Ha Giang should travel in time

You can travel in Ha Giang in whatever season of the year, by only roads running in rocky Highland also attractive enough to visit it. Some beautiful time of year: June 10-11 time United Triangle Circuits beautiful bloom, from May 11-12 is the time of United Reform. Spring is white plum flowers.
The main attractions in Ha Giang

I would like to list a few key locations when traveling Ha Giang, Dong Van market days Upland, Ma Pi Leng Pass, Lung Cu flagpole, their home Dinh Vuong Quan Ba ​​Heaven Gate, the valley town of Quan Ba, roadside stops, the United Reform farming, white plum blossom garden. The high terraces stretches over the mountain back in Hoang Su Phi punishment. Depending on time and hobby that you should incorporate appropriate point type.
Ha Giang Travel by bus and motorcycle.

To move up Ha Giang you can take a bus the night, just tiring to save time. There goes the Ha Giang prestige vehicles like: With Chalk and Revelation, Hung Thanh, or Hai Van. You can find the phone number and find out more information about bus north here. Arrive Ha Giang you can rent motorcycles to visit the tourist attractions. Should spend 2 days riding motorcycles around a Ha Giang (derived from Ha Giang town and then back on the afternoon of the 2nd, return the motorcycle, traveling by bus on the night HN). Or maybe catch intercity bus from Ha Giang to Dong Van, rent car in question hostel (if traveling by bus this one will not be stopped at the point and Double Mountain Quan Ba ​​Heaven Gate), motorcyclists will much more convenient. You can ask the car for the transportation of motorcycles.
Combining go Ha Giang and Thac Ban Gioc 6 days

Specifically, the first morning run from Ha Giang motorbike to Dong Van, on the way you stop at Quan Ba ​​Heaven Gate Pass and on to Quan Ba, from here you can overlooking the town, marking the the beautiful photos. Lunch soon in Yen Minh, the journey to town and Sung City Admin Is (this is the second point of flowering plum beautiful and Restoration States, in town and all the roads entering the town again when offline, anywhere beautiful, stop pose). Also in Sung As you can visit the Pao, where filming Story of Pao, also quite impressed with the architectural style here. After playing at 2 this point you stop at home, surnamed Wang (this point can be played late afternoon), dark sleep in Dong Van. Evening hike Dong Van town, old town cafe or organizing exchanges. Day 2, if you go 2 days 2 days 2 nights then you visit Ma Pi Leng mountain pass and drove the Yen Minh - Ha Giang, on the go can stop more if scenic, timers remember driving to Ha Cabinet to keep up. If you go 3 days and 3 nights, 2 days drive away Lung Cu, flagpole and visit one of the Lo Lo ethnic, so go early to be able to play a lot. Early afternoon drive away Meo Vac, on the way stop at Ma Pi Leng Pass photography, dark sleep Meo Vac. Day 3 ride on the path of Ha Giang Yen Minh, I ride about conference guest.

Phượt Hà Giang

Phượt Ha Giang by motorbike

At least you have to go for 4 days to get the full feel of Ha Giang. Day 1 ride from Hanoi to Ha Giang early (318km), late lunch in Ha Giang. Afternoon drive to Dong Van (132km), should stop playing at the Sun Gate Ba, dark sleep in Dong Van. Day 2 visit Lung Cu, King Cat, Dong Van Market, Ma Pi Leng and dark sleep Meo Vac. Day 3 ride from Meo Vac go Ba Ba dark bedroom, 4 play Ba, afternoon drive to HN. With this offer you can go further Ba, drove the woods OAC also quite nice. More Travel Experiences Ba.

If you like Offroad Ha Giang or simply want to experience, you can try to ride along Yogacara Mau Due, this road is the road has deteriorated, the scene is beautiful, with big rocks and sharp pieces, careful not torn tires as play. Take this road, day 3 from Meo Vac you go Yogacara Mau Due, dark sleep Ha Giang. Day 4 drive the old road to HN.

Note to motorcyclists: if you intend to go into the publication, the gate, you should seek permission from the Provincial Military Command.
Some motels in Ha Giang

You note that hostel here on several occasions often fully booked. If you go east you must contact group early. If small can go stay at the hostel near the market in Dong Van Old. 2 Dong Van town and Meo Vac well together, can be flexible and there.

Bar :

    Often in motels 567 Tel: 0219.3.846.129
    Tam Son Motels Tel: 0219.3.846.543
    Restaurants Quan Ba ​​Ha Son shop Tel: 0219.3.846.371

Dong Van

    Highland Ks: 02193856868
    Hostel Hoang Ngoc: 02193856020
    Triumphal Lodging: 0219856147
    Uncle Chi 0977993071 (rear Dong Van market)
    UK Germany: 0982.791.830 (the siblings had just kdoanh motels and selling stationery, adjacent cafe karaoke, also near near Old Town).
    Motels United Porch: 0219.3856 216
    Motels Lung Cu: 0219.3510 000
    In addition to the lodge, you can book rooms at Coffee Dong Van town, sleeping on the floor forms the floor Dorm 2 quite well, with enough clean pillow cushions blankets. Price is about 50k / person, contact A.Khuong, 0945378318 (the information is old, you check again).

Meo Vac District

    Motels Nho Que Tel: 0219.3.871.322
    Lodging Highland Tel: 0219.3.871.440
    Motels Khau Vai Tel: 0917.706.503
    Hai Thuy Restaurant Tel: 0219.3.871.355
    Hotels Mai Dao: 0219.3871 294
    Hoa Cuong hotels: 0219.3871 888

Cuisine: try to drink wine and eat Thang Co Maize. Vietnamese Chicken Rice Restaurant 9 minutes in Ha Giang on Nguyen Van Ninh, about 500 meters from km 0. You can contact the food set before, to have food always, contact 0219.3882882 / 01,646,115,115.
Rent motorbike in Ha Giang

In Dong Van you can ask to rent car at the hotel, price is also reasonable.
In the city of Ha Giang

    Suggestions prestigious address, Hoang Vietnamese specialist motorbike rental address 18 Nguyen Trai Ward 04 organizations, with new types of motorcycles, reasonable price. Contact: He wrote 0,918,656,838.

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